Tips for Enjoying Disney World

Top Tips for Enjoying Disney World

Under construction … Our top tips for enjoying Disney World, making the most of your time, and therefore getting the best experience. We’ve been going for years, and have learnt a few tricks.  Therefore, we would like to share our tips for enjoying Disney with you.

We first visited DisneyWorld in 2005, with our 3 eldest girls who were then aged 3, 4 and 6.

We had so much fun, and the kids still all remember significant parts of the holiday.  We’ve since been back many times, and in 2011 we bought our condo, in Bahama Bay Resort and Spa.  We now have 2 more kids, and find that Disney World offers a fantastic experience for all ages.  However, there are a few things you can do to get the most out of your time there.

Under construction …

Plan Ahead

  • Plan your day in advance.  Work out which park you want to go to and which rides or experiences you want to enjoy
  • Use the online web-sites that describe peak times, ride wait times etc.  We use the My Disney Experience app
  • Book your rides using the FastPass+ app especially if you are visiting in high season
  • Prepare food and drinks to take with you.
    Because we stay in a condo and have a full kitchen, we always take our own food in a cool bag. This saves both time and money at the park.  Our kids are happy to eat a sandwich and some fruit as they walk between the rides.  There are many dining experiences at Disney, but they can also be very busy and it’s not always easy to find a table.
  • Take plenty of water if you are visiting in Summer.
    You will be out in the heat for a number of hours, and need to stay hydrated.  We always put a few extra bottles of water in the freezer the night before.  They work well as ice to keep our food cool, and you can enjoy the cold water later in the day when it gets hot.

Go Early

  • Check in advance what time the park opens — times do vary
  • Remember that it takes time to get from the car park to the park entrance.  You need to take a shuttle bus from the car park to the ticket center.  Those shuttle buses can get very busy at opening time.  You may not get on the first one that comes.
  • If you are travelling in a large group be prepared to split up and re-group later.
  • From the ticket center you need to take a monorail (or boat, or coach) to the park entrance.  All this takes time.
  • Be patient

Buying Tickets

  • Our advice is to buy tickets only from the legitimate sellers. And be aware that the Disney deals may well be the best deal.  You will see offers for deeply discounted tickets, but you cannot guarantee their complete validity for you to use.  It’s not a risk we would take.
  • Depending upon the time of year, and the type of ticket you are buying, you may want to buy in advance to save time.
  • Buying an annual pass takes time — you should allow at least 15 minutes for this. Allow even more time if you want to pay on a payment plan.
  • If you are visiting at high season, we would advise you to buy in advance.  Therefore you won’t waste the first important hour just sorting out your tickets.

Take the Monorail to Magic Kingdom

  • It’s the fastest way to get to the park entrance.
  • If the monorail line-up is long, remember that the Resort Monorail also goes to the park entrance.
    The Resort Monorail is usually almost empty at the ticketing center, so you can get a seat.  Yes, it will stop at the Contemporary resort, but it will still get you there quicker than waiting in a long line for the direct monorail.
  • Remember that on the way out after the fireworks too!  We get home so much quicker in the evening after the fireworks simply by taking the resort monorail back to the ticketing center.  This is one of our top tips for enjoying Disney when you have small children who need to get to bed.
  • If the monorail line-up is long, the boat might not be quicker, but it will definitely be less stressful.
  • The boat is a fun experience, but it takes longer than the monorail.  Therefore, use it on your way out of the park, at least once, for the experience.  Go on to the top deck, at the front, and enjoy the view.  You can also check out the new villas on stilts in the lake at the Polynesian resort.

Go Big Early!

  • Disney World will start to get properly busy at around 11:30am.

We hope you’ve found our tips for enjoying Disney to be helpful.  Have a wonderful vacation!


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